Speedtest Digi: Check Internet Speed Online

Are you wondering if the speed of your Digi internet connection is up to the mark or not? Well, in that case, you need to check the internet speed to find out the answer!

There are several ways to test the Digi speed, some of which include the following:

  • Bandwidth testing smartphone apps
  • DNS speed tests
  • Service-specific tests
  • Ping and Latency tests, etc.

What is the Internet Speed Test?

Internet speed test is an effective way to measure the maximum speed- how fast are you able to download and upload data- by accessing nearby test servers. In simple terms, it mimics everybody’s online activities in a controlled setup by downloading sample files and recording speeds.

However, these tests may not necessarily give an accurate result. So, see to it that you run multiple network tests without fail. Why? It helps in getting a fair idea of the approximate network speed of your connection.

Key Things to Consider in Digi Speed Test

While running a wifi speed test, it is important to consider certain things. So, we’ve listed down a couple of things you need to keep in mind before doing so.

1.) Download Speed

The speed at which your connection delivers information to your computer in a second is called download speed. So, it is usually measured in Megabits Per Second (Mbps).

2.) Upload Speed

It is also measured in Mbps in order to track the amount of data your internet sends to your computers.

3.) Ping (Latency)

Commonly known as latency, ping is defined as the amount of time taken for sending and receiving data. It is measured in milliseconds in wifi speed test online.

4.) Network Jitter

Similar to latency, network jitters are also measured in milliseconds. However, they are defined as the congestion generated by internet connections. Thus, it usually causes delays in streaming videos, audio, online games, and movies.

Why you should check Digi Internet Speed

It is important that you check your Digi internet speed from time to time. Nowadays, most of us perform our daily work commitments, study online, watch OTT content, use social media and so much more on our devices, they can often clutter your overall internet speed by storing lots of cache and internet cookies – which can go on to make you think ‘Oh I need to check my internet speed’.

The online speed test also helps to check the broadband speed of your current service provider. If the existing provider isn’t giving you the promised speed, then switch to a different one!