Funny Wifi Names

Friends, in today’s evolving digital world, everything is becoming more Internet-based, so now that everyone instals WiFi in their homes and uses the Internet, everyone also keeps the name of their own WiFi. Many people also keep a humorous name for their hotspot, so today we’ll look at a collection of Funny wifi names.

Best of Funny Wifi Names

  1. Sweet victory, sour lose
  2. Giving you free internet since tomorrow
  3. Fantasy will be the end of you
  4. Where are you my Scooby-Doo?
  5. AA meeting express
  6. Modem surfing pole
  7. Lifeblood entertainment house
  8. Chicken jumped over the fence to steal our Wi-Fi
  9. Wi-Fry Chicken here
  10. Saved a bunch of cash by using your internet
  11. Wi-Fi art Thou connection
  12. Connect to my bandwidth
  13. Russian hackers for hire
  14. We’ve got to the goods
  15. You don’t know I live
  16. Shut your kids door 56
  17. American internet sniper
  18. La Casa De Internet
  19. Save internet levels here
  20. 12C is a lonely crib
  21. Are you looking for me?
  22. Guess who is cooking?
  23. The password is your phone number
  24. Wi-Fight this feeling together
  25. Cheeses take da wheel
  26. Lag out loud LAN
  27. Blind spot connection
  28. Wi-Fi fever
  29. Hit the road surfing
  30. You don’t need to come back
  31. Keep downloading for more internet
  32. Now you won’t see me no more
  33. Do you hate me not?
  34. Cut the wire
  35. Living on the line
  36. Life in the cold ain’t sweet
  37. Wi-Fi, you love me yes?
  38. The password is your phone number
  39. Wi-Fight this feeling together
  40. Cheeses take da wheel
  41. RIP net neutrality
  42. IanTernet free connection
  43. For whom the internet belongs
  44. Wi-Fi for fun only
  45. Official use only wifi internet
  46. Printing only, photocopying not allowed
  47. Searching for your internet
  48. Wi of the Figer
  49. FBI Van 13
  50. Your Wi-Fi my kids
  51. Tell your wifi we love her

Dirty Wifi Names

Dirty Wifi Names
  1. Le Proffessuer connection
  2. Helsinki hates Tokyo
  3. 2 more days to countdown
  4. Better not disturb my chic
  5. House LANister
  6. Wi-Fi is spreading fast
  7. The time now is…
  8. Police informant 203
  9. Hack if need be
  10. Who knows my PW
  11. I’m the king of internet
  12. BSNL speed alert here
  13. Alien command center
  14. Drink water, stay hydrated
  15. Elasticity lost now
  16. Free for 1 hour daily
  17. No password necessary
  18. Here comes the dragon’s network
  19. Password is password, period
  20. Look man, no wires needed, wireless only
  21. Harry porter is all fun
  22. Tyrion Lannister’s family Internet
  23. Master of all Wi-Fis
  24. Battle of the internet
  25. Bastards connect here
  26. This Wi-Fi is only for sixth floor room 3
  27. Google for password
  28. Free Internetfor my crush only
  29. Starbucks official internet
  30. Money heist zone

Cool Wifi Names

Cool Wifi Names
  1. Click this one now or never
  2. Wifi is locked
  3. Bluetooth devices connect here
  4. Welcome to our crib
  5. Too fast too slow internet
  6. R2D2 connection for genius only
  7. No stupid people allowed here
  8. Touch me, I’m hot
  9. Number 45, you make me go gaga
  10. RSVP 4 Sissy Banks
  11. Meet the butcher
  12. Chinese phones blocked
  13. Welcome to our Wi-Fi forum
  14. Get it done now
  15. Forget me now
  16. I declare you internet and network
  17. Lowner guy
  18. Radio inactive network
  19. Touch not my network
  20. Spiderman is in town
  21. Pay your own internet
  22. Connects automatically, no password needed
  23. Too lazy to have a name
  24. 99 problems connection
  25. We shall overcome your data
  26. No one can read your mails
  27. Welcome to the next door
  28. Ye old internet for ye guests
  29. Guests pay nothing here
  30. Welcome home guests
  31. Join my bondage club
  32. Free for a day
  33. Martin Router Wifi
  34. Sweet adeline, you belong with me
  35. Let guests use it
  36. Once see back
  37. Wi Filecia
  38. Sweet victory, painful loss
  39. You won’t regret visiting
  40. JackPott loading for you
  41. Are you looking for me?
  42. Your guests are annoying
  43. Free muffins for our guests
  44. Call me on my number
  45. The Dark Knet Rises
  46. Cut the wire
  47. I love your guest
  48. We wifi love you
  49. Guests are a river
  50. Happiness is when you come

Clever Wifi Names

  1. Full bars
  2. Piece of snack
  3. Work hard, surf harder
  4. Posh ginger baby
  5. Simon says no guest users
  6. Modem family fraternity
  7. Your brain doesn’t need drugs
  8. No soup for us
  9. Vandelay industries guests
  10. Click here for safety training
  11. Ready to be friends
  12. Herpes negative
  13. Wash your hands before connecting
  14. To be good or not, the choice is yours
  15. Big busty Asians
  16. Give me $1 for every use
  17. Conference for hire
  18. What if I didn’t have internet?
  19. Free guest wifi
  20. Shaken but not stirred

Funny Wifi Network Names

  1. Phone_Free_Internet
  2. Shaw Open Network
  3. Netcom Wireless Connection
  4. Skynet internet distributor
  5. MS Internet
  6. Bright House Wi-Fi networks
  7. The data cloud
  8. Mariott_Guest Platform
  9. Wireless Network Only
  10. Phillips Electronics Shop
  11. Alice_WLAN
  12. Free Wi-Fi Passport
  13. Home network for them kids
  14. Pretty fly for free internet
  15. Wayport internet access
  16. Swisscom Auto Login
  17. Netflix movie download
  18. Secure Wi-Fi Zone
  19. Unity Media Wifispot
  20. Homedepot free internet
  21. No Wi-Fi detected
  22. Dial-up internet
  23. Direct home transfer network
  24. Unresolved hostname, choose yours
  25. Internet limit exceeded
  26. Obtaining IP address for fast connection
  27. Searching for host network
  28. Wi-Fi malfunction, get your own router
  29. Signing off in style
  30. 123 testing, no signal detected
  31. Unknown device detected
  32. Promised network data
  33. Lazy internet for guests
  34. Text @@@@@@ for password
  35. The network ping of the city
  36. High speed wireless router
  37. At least I laid your sister
  38. The Dungeon Master
  39. Drunken master
  40. Not the network you’re looking for