What is Fiber Internet

1. Fiber Internet

Fiber internet is a type of high-speed internet service that uses optical fibers instead of copper wires. Fiber internet provides faster speeds than traditional cable internet and is much more reliable. Fiber internet is commonly referred to as FiOS (fiber optic services).

2. Cable TV

Cable television is a television broadcast signal transmitted via radio waves or coaxial cables and distributed via cable networks owned by various companies. Most cable providers offer local channels, premium channels, pay per view programming, and broadband connections.

3. Satellite TV

Satellite television is delivered directly to your home using satellites orbiting around Earth. Satellites receive signals from stations located on the ground and relay them back down to your dish. You can watch live broadcasts, recorded programs, movies, and even sports events.

4. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

DSL (digital subscriber line) is a telephone network technology that transmits digital data over existing phone lines rather than dedicated circuits. DSL offers higher bandwidth than dialup modems and is generally considered to be a superior alternative to dialup.

5. Dial Up Modem

Dialup modem is a computer peripheral device that connects a personal computer to the internet. A dialup modem requires a regular telephone line and a standard RJ11 jack.

6. Wireless Broadband

Wireless broadband is a method of providing internet access without having to connect to a wired connection. Wireless broadband uses radio frequency to transmit information between devices.

7. WiMax

WiMax is a wireless broadband technology developed by Intel and Microsoft. It is designed to provide high speed connectivity to mobile users.

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